Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization-
   WCHRA Prostreet Record Holder   6.333@ 221.78        Orlando Real World StreetNationals Top 10         2008 WCHRA ProStreet Champion
            2007 WCHRA ProStreet Champion                              2006 PSCA ProStreet Champion

                                                                World's Fastest Organization
                               2006 PSCA Prostreet World Champion
                          2007 WCHRA Prostreet World Champion
                          2008 WCHRA Prostreet World Champion

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Speed Scene Live- Our Choice for Racing Web TV

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 MagnaFuel- Our Choice for Best Fuel Delivery !!!

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85 Mount View Lane--Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907   
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With 4 Stages of Nitrous- We Need the Best Piston on the Market

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We have the Highest Quality Safety Equipment and its American Made by Hand!
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                               Phone: 323 221 0000        Address:  2623 N. San Fernando Rd.    Los Angeles, CA 90065-1316

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            Lucas Oil- It Works!

 W. W.Williams

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Hughes Performance
Second to None!!
                                                  Hughes Performance  

Phoenix · 2244 W. McDowell Phoenix, AZ 85009 · Tech Line: 1-800-274-RACE
Tucson · 2555 N. Coyote Dr., #118-119 · Tucson, AZ 85745


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Bluebaugh Racing Marketing Fun Fact:

        Q: What is Social Networking worth in the number of possible media exposure’s? Just how many times does a social network Internet chat  
                 room get hit? We asked Yellow Bullet, a popular drag racing social network website, to comment.

          A: “The site per month gets just over 52 million hits. Most of which are the bulletin board. So far this month the front page has been hit by: Total hits on 35726340. Front page total hits: 2066443”.  (Monty- Yellow Bullet 3/22/08)
By Feb of 2009, Yellow Bullet grew to 135 mllion hits per month

A large Social Networking Community can make and break a corporate giant            


Join Our Marketing Partnership !

The World's Fastest Organization LLC,  is a creative marketing strategies business that uses Bluebaugh Racing as a medium for advertising, promotions, and communication. We maximize business potential by capitalizing on the effects of  pairing Drag Racing with the Media. 

What Can We Do For You?

Social Networking
    Definition: Technology and services that foster the development of relational connections, common interest, and culture with ability to leverage those connections to accomplish a task

Viral Marketing
Definition: The use of pre-existing social networks to meet marketing objectives through a self-replicating viral process. Viral marketing is a phenomenon that encourages the user to pass along a markeitng message voluntarily. The outcome is that one infected user spreads the virus to many thus creating growth according to a logistic curve with an initial exponential appearance or market saturation.

Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies
Definition: The term "Web 2.0"  is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web
It is the second generation of the World Wide Web, which is a  movement away from static webpages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking with an increasing emphasis on human collaboration. 
Web 2.0 does not refer to any specific change in the technology of the Internet, but rather
the behavior of how people use the Internet. ...

Our Style
Our Marketing Program has a strong Social-Relational impact. Its non-commercial yet the most powerful commercial on the market today.
Bluebaugh Racing Marketing Programs 
Contact us for a Marketing Guide and Program Statistics

Bluebaugh Racing- Social Media Program
Internet Social Networks foster the development of relational connections. All Social Media will grow exponentially over time according to the flow of users. We Interact on dozens of Racing Forums where we carry marketing partners into the every day social scene


Bluebaugh Racing- Video Production Program
Video Production guarantees that all marketing partners are viewed by the user. Our Videos can be found on You Tube, Street, Drag Nuts, NHRA Unleashed,, Daily Motion.. Each production is advertised in all of the Social Network Forums. Video’s stay out on the web for years and will continue to grow in viewing impressions for a long period of time. Each site used is tested for user receptiveness and tolerance for viral media.


Bluebaugh Racing/ Speed Scene Racing Partnership Program
Speed Scene Live is an Internet Motor Sports TV Show (PodCast). Speed Scene Racing  reaches an average of 500,000 viewers per month through out the Unites States, Canada, and 140 countries around the world. Publishing Web TV casts is a quick way into the underground Social Network of racing enthusiasts. Speed Scene Live is our  chosen Web TV partner. We work with Speed Scene Live to develop promotional strategies for our racing team and marketing partners

  Bluebaugh Racing Web Store Program   
Our webstore project  is our way of making sure our marketing partners
are gaining product sales. We list our marketing partners products on the store and sell the products ourselves.
We pay for and run our own advertising campaigns for the store
using our proven marking methods.

Bluebaugh Racing Press Release Program
Our press release program is the original piece of our marketing program. We have spent the last five years developing  the connections to make this successful. Our Press is published by ProMod Zone, Dragzine, ProModifieds.US, Fast Door Slammer, Drag Racing Online, and all
social network forums

Bluebaugh Racing Product Campaign Program

                                  Product campaign is arranged when a marketing partner wants to feature a certain product, run
                                                     a special sale, or special type of ad campaign. Give us the information and
                                                               we work the Campaign through our marketing program

Bluebaugh Racing Special Events Program
Special Events are an opportunistic part of our marketing program. They are something we get into through the course of the racing season and are not necessarily planned. Special events occur because of our relationships in the racing community. We look for these opportunities.
We have appeared on the Speed Channel, Fox Sports Network, RPM Magazine, Drag Illustrated, and Live Web Feeds


Bluebaugh Racing Trackside Display Program
We do trackside displays, hang banners, pass out literature, and give out promotional items for our marketing partners.


Bluebaugh Racing- The Web Site
We have created our own web site. We have put up many of our racing photos, videos, racing news,  and a special page for our marketing partners. We display our marketing partner’s logos and contact information. We actively market the web address for increased exposure and continually update through out the year.


Bluebaugh Racing- Racing Events
We attend Racing Events in AZ, CA, NV

Social Network Alert!!!
     The United States is the largest Social Networking Market in the world. Racing enthusiasts have a strong inter-connection through underground Social Networks via the Internet and racing associations in the United States and Canada. Social Networks do not follow known research about traditional advertising strategies and market trend. Social Networks are a culture of persons millions strong with common interest. The Socially oriented Internet is a massive opportunity for brands, advertisers, and marketers. In this culture, peers have a greater impact than corporate entities. You must be a someone and not a something. The best way to market in a Social Network is to piggy-back your way in with a member of the cultural community. Consumers are increasingly apathetic to being bombarded with advertisements. The marketers that will be successful in this arena will blend as a natural part of the culture. Sponsorship is an advantageous way in.....        

Deborah Woodard
Worlds Fastest Organization, LLC
Director of Marketing/Media/Public Relations
Phoenix AZ
 602 290 2684 

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