Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization- Bluebaugh Racing- World's Fastest Organization-
   WCHRA Prostreet Record Holder   6.333@ 221.78        Orlando Real World StreetNationals Top 10         2008 WCHRA ProStreet Champion
            2007 WCHRA ProStreet Champion                              2006 PSCA ProStreet Champion

                                                                World's Fastest Organization
                               2006 PSCA Prostreet World Champion
                          2007 WCHRA Prostreet World Champion
                          2008 WCHRA Prostreet World Champion

                                The Worlds Fastest Organization is About Hardcore Drag Racing

   The Worlds Fastest Organization, LLC is a marketing entity owned by Deborah Woodard and held separatley from Bluebaugh Racing.  It was created to sell advertising opportunitues in place of asking for sponsorship. It is a unique cutting edge program using the power of social networking combined with drag racing to deliver a message. The LLC's marketing effort reachs a global aurdience with emphasis in the United States. The potential is unlimited with the rising number of Internet media users.  

Bluebaugh Racing is a West Coast Pro Nitrous Drag Racing Team. Our current Pro Mod styled Monte Carlo is driven by Kelly Bluebaugh and the Crew Chief is Deborah Woodard. Bluebaugh and Woodard have been working as a racing couple for over nine years. The team is well known on both the East and West coast with in the drag racing community and has worked closely with a number of top racers and innovators to develop skilled  and experienced knowledge of racing. The racing team has taken records, championships, and won the many events entered.

WFO Racing and Machine is an exclusive by appointment only custom nitrous race engine shop snuggled quietly in the heart of Phoenix Arizona. It is operated by Kelly Bluebaugh, who has spent his life developing custom Nitrous racing engines for all applications.  WFO Racing and Machine offers winning combinations for race application and travels the country providing on-site consultation at the race track.  

1320 Racer .com is the newest addition to our marketing ventures. Created in 2010, 1320 Racer is a Web Store offering quality racing parts and equipment from our sponsors, favorite manufacturers, and warehouse distributors. We hope that the store project will; encourage racers and manufacturers to support  racers, increase the attractiveness our sponsorship marketing program, help support Bluebaugh Racing, and enhance our engine machine shop. 1320 Racer is owned by the World's Fastest Organization, LLC. 

Kelly  Bluebaugh is a 25-year veteran of the drag racing sport. Kelly has raced through out the United States and Mexico and has won dozens of events on the drag strip and on the sand. He is a master of nitrous systems, expert engine builder, and serious about racing.  He began his love for drag racing through catching the tail of Phoenix’s craze for cruising and street racing in the 80’s and he never looked back. 

Deborah Woodard holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Arizona State University and studies race car dynamics. Woodard is an experienced working Crew Chief for Bluebaugh Racing tuning the nitrous set ups, fuel system, and clutch. She collects and studies the teams data comparing theory to practical application. Woodard has developed and implemented a full array of marketing tactics and buisness entities in support of  Bluebaugh Racing and serves as the Marketing Director. Woodard like Bluebaugh enjoyed street racing in Phoenix in the late 80's, raced and built her own car, and came to the team with prior experience and knowledge of racing.  

         Drag Racing is all we Do- Every day- All day is about Fast Machines, Big Engines, and Lots of Nitrous

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Kelly  Bluebaugh                                                                                                                                                                                               Bluebaugh Racing/WFO Racing and Machine                                                                                                      
Phoenix AZ
602 435 8080  

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Deborah Woodard
Worlds Fastest Organization, LLC
Director of Marketing/Media/Public Relations
Phoenix AZ
602 290 2684

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